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High blood pressure and endo

I just wondered how many people out there have unexplained high blood pressure and also have endo. I've been trying to find a link for my high BP which was diagnosed 2 years ago. I've tried alot of BP meds with none of them suiting me as Im fairly active they block my exertion.

Currently have two cysts inside left to vary with one being liquid and one solid.

Awaiting lap. I'm 30 this year, feel like most of life is spent in pain or brain fogged with bp meds.

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In rectovaginal cases involving endo on the uterosacral ligaments the ureters can become involved due to their close proximity to the ligaments. High blood pressure (typically starting as cyclical) is a silent symptom of endo on the ureters because the kidneys control blood pressure. A combination of endo and unexplained high blood pressure should always raise suspicion for possible ureteral endo.


Thank you so much for your reply. I haven't ever considered that option. Almost certain I have rectovaginal type, I had a scan for my kidneys before for adrenal gland investigations. However would endo show up on Mri?


MRI would be vital if ureteral endo was suspected in association with rectovaginal endo. If you are in the UK I assume you are being treated in a BSGE specialist centre? These links may be useful. The first shows an MRI image of ureteral endo in association of uterosacral ligament involvement (under the adhesions part)



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I have low blood pressure that can't be explained either but I've been told it's probably b/c I'm really small and metabolize fast or I have issues with electrolytes

It would get worse on my periods where I would get palpitations, chills, shakes, cold sweats, flushing, and nosebleeds. But idk if it's related to high or low BP.

Hopefully you find out the root of the problem.

Try to eat less salt, drink more water and exercise for 30 minutes each day even easy yoga can work.

Hopefully they can remove the endo that's causing it.


Omg I had no idea this was linked. I've previously had endometriosis of uterosacral ligament and it also involved my bladder and bowel. My blood pressure is very high but I have no idea why. so all that with my liver disease probably isn't helping. Thank you so much for the info as I had no idea xx


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