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First Time Intercourse while suffering from PCOD

My boyfriend and I have been together for a couple of years and are madly in love with each other. We wish to have sex now and it will be a first time for both of us... Only thing which is stopping us is that i have PCOD and currently being treated for it. My boyfriend is worried if it will affect my health in any way that my gynecologist will get to know and also we are concerned that can my gynecologist get to know that i am no longer a virgin when she will performs ultrasound or pelvic checks or by any other means???

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Your gynae will only know you've had sex if you get pregnant or if you tell them. They may ask you about sexual activity but only to ask if you have pain during sex and to see if you want help with contraception.

Virginity (or lack of) does not show on ultrasound. If you're worried about your hymen breaking (this is a thin layer of skin that can cover the entrance to your vagina) remember that plenty of women break theirs doing other things, not during sex, and that lack of an intact hymen does not mean you've had sex.

Your gynaecologist is also not allowed to discuss your health with anyone but you and to discuss your virginity with anyone but you would be a breach of confidentiality. And TBH they won't care.

Be safe and enjoy. x.


Hi sweetie, I had an ultrasound and honestly they barely even look at your vagina, they justness make sure the probe is in. Gynaecologists do not care wether or not you've had sexual intercourse however they may ask you if you're sexually active or ever have been, it's routine doctors questions, but it should only really be an issue if you were pregnant. Also, having sex can sometimes help pelvic pain, but not for all women. It shouldn't affect your health in any way, just use protection and don't get pregnant!

If you do find that you need to take the morning after pill, for me this caused a trip to a&e as 72 hours after taking the pill I had severe pelvic pain, 48 hours after visiting a&e I had bleeding. This is the only thing you need be cautious about, it can have a big impact on your hormones if you taking the morning after pill, most women however are completely fine with taking it. Just make sure if you are ready to have sex for the first time, that you're 100% sure you're ready and use protection!

Hope this helps, feel free to private message me if you want to xxx

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