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Spd 3 years later

Hi everyone I'm 26 and have birth to my daughter in April 2014 since 24 weeks I had spd at 30 weeks I couldn't walk I couldn't go to the toilet without my bf helping me etc they physio and dr were useless they gave me codiene and 36 weeks and said they wouldn't induce me as baby was fine. She came a week early. After birth I was fine for a few days then it came back with a vengeance and I've suffered with pain ever since been through physio and they did the thing with the pins can't remember the name I'm back at physio a different one and he said he wasn't going to keep putting me through it and a month or two he would refer me to hospital to see a surgeon if it didn't improve (he said my right side is twisted) but I'm getting pins and needles down my leg I'm extremely tired all the time I'm always bloated and I'm currently taking gapapentin 300mg (3 a day) and a 100mg tablet (twice a day) paracetamol 500mg (4 times a day) and naproxen 500mg ( 2 a day) just to cope with the pain and it's even worse during period I feel like I can't even pee without crying in pain has anyone been in similar situation?

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This is my story to a tee. I had everything you have just said and I was on the same medication including crutches at 20 weeks to walk to the car. Physio didn't spent that amount of time with time though. After 1.5 years getting sent from one person to another they gave up. I have infact since then been diagnosed with endo but my doctor has expected for years that I have had it. I have been told my endo is mild and cannot be causing the pain I am in. My pain is more in my shoulder now (same pain in pelvis) and it is horrific but only when my hormones change. So maybe 2 week per month is horrific.

Please keep me updated, I am very interested to hear what happens with you.


I had severe spd from about 26 weeks I had to use crutches and even a wheelchair to go anywhere far. I opted for elective c section because I couldn't open my legs more than a few cms without being in bad pain. My baby was born Nov 2014 and I still have spd pain now drs wont refer me to anyone as they said im not pregnant theres no one to see me. I have recently been diagnosed with abdominal wall endo which was caused by the c section. Please let me know how you get on x

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