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The infinite fight

Hi I'm new to the group and I'm from Barbados I've been dealing with endo from as long as i I can remember just didn't know there was a name for my conditionbecause every one made it seem that have g periods that was mind blowing was normal. In 2005 had an operation because they were alot of tissue in my abdomen on my tubes , uterus etc but this was removed because I wanted no hiccups in pregnancy. After this the tissue came back yet not being confirmed of having endometriosis but in 2012 a laporocscopy was done having been hospitalized for this pain . Since the diagnosis was made I've been treated with everything possible even surgeries to removed the endo tissue. My gynecologigynecologist suggest my ovaries being removed but then it means me going into early menopause but pain will still be present as the deposits are on other organs. I'm on zolodex right now and my head is always feeling light and pelvic pain that sharp when it strikes. Has anyone here had a similar experience if so what was your nex option and did it work

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