Bladder endo

Hi ladies,

Wondering if anyone has any tips to stop the feeling of needing to urinate all the time.

My bladder flares up when I'm stressed like a uti but nothing ever shows on dip tests, I've recently started a new job, I'm really stressed about travelling, the job etc and have woke with 2 cold sores which is the norm. I just constantly need to urinate and have a lot of pain if i can't straightaway. I'm up and down all night.

Has anyone tried any over the counter remedies? I'm nervous to incase it makes it worse.

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That's really tough, I had similar problems and still get bad flare ups with stress. I used Nat Phos homeopathic tissue salts and that helped. You can get them in health food shops or Holland and Barrett. I also tried meditation and yoga to help with stress. Good luck x

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