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Bladder pain with endometriosis

mri scan show adymyosis cyst and the consultant suspects I have endometriosis! Each month I am having at least 10 days where my bladder throbs ! It hurts to wee and I get spasms after! I feel as if a heavy brick is in my lower abdomen so when I wee everything hurts and feels swollen inside and I only pass small amounts! There has been a mess up at the hospital and I am waiting for a urologist app (14 weeks still not got app )! Has anyone had such horrible bladder pains and how do you cope?

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I have similar issues though much less bad. Have you thought about calling up the secretary and asking to get on a cancellation list? Then call every 3 or four days or so so they don't forget you.

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I has this or similar. When I had my period, and also when I ovulated, the throbbing aching pain was constant - 24 hours a day. It impacted my sleep as well as general life. I had difficulty peeing during those times too, but not like a UTI as there was no pain around the urethra, it was all around my bladder. As I peed, the pain in that location was unbearable and very difficult to empty. I never felt as if I was fully emptying.

I used a warm hot water bottle against my tummy where my bladder is. Tried to urinate frequently and not hold/wait to pee.

When I had surgery they excused endometriosis from by my bladder, and this resolved it. That was nearly two years ago, and now I noticed I have some issues again with peeing while on my period, but it is very mild in comparison to previously so I'm just monitoring it. Endometriosis doesn't go away so it is possible they didn't get the entire deposit.

I think if your issues and pain seems very linked to your period/ovulation then it is worth getting a laparoscopy for diagnosis, and excision surgery. It is also worth looking at interstitial cystitis as some women with endo have that. The urologist should help with that.

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