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Hi, this is my 1st time in a support group of any kind. I have grade 4 Endo, i've been through the house a bit over the past 2 + years with my doctors & hospitol with loads of operations etc to remove varius bits including tumour. Feel at wits end when they tell you that your insides are soo messed up yet they can't do anything due to it being soo bad & if they did I would end up with stoma bags. I'm at that point where i don't care anymore.

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I know how you must be feeling I feel the same. I'm

Pretty sure something stuck inside me but consultants say op isn't the answer as it will keep happening. I can't work at mo like this so am I supposed to live in chronic pain and fatigue every day. I'm on my own and have bills to pay so I don't know what you are supposed to do in our situations


sorry for late reply had no idea i hade these messages. I know the feeling. I have no choice i have to claim esa it's a struggle paying the bills, it's even a struggle finding the travel money for traveling to medical appointments.


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