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Fatigue but very little pain?

Hi all, I was interested to see if anyone else has this and whether it could be related to Endo (I am seeing a doc about it but they haven't found any other explanation yet)...after a huge amount of Endo pain I finally had a lap in January. The pain after has been so much better but since the op I've been getting more and more tired again. The pain has crept back a little but not that much. Does anyone else get really tired even when the pain is under control. The only other thing is that I'm having acid reflux symptoms at the moment but the tablets aren't doing anything but I didn't think acid reflux would cause this kinds of tiredness all the time. Xx

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Endo is an autoimmune disease and chronic fatigue syndrome is now associated with autoimmunity. This is one of the topics we'll be discussing on the new Facebook group I've set up.


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