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Am I Strong Enough?

Hi, I was diagnosed on 16th January 2015 via laparoscopy. It was my 24th birthday. I'm going to my pre-op apt tomorrow, as I have my 2nd lap booked for 20th Sept. Last week, a scan for a substantial endometrioma (cyst) attached to both ovaries and behind my uterus. I am supposed to be trying for a baby. My husband is very supportive and he's been my rock over the past few years. Now this lap will tell me what sort of state my fertility is in and what the plan will be from now. I'm scared for my period to come, it's already 2 days late (i'm not pregnant), I've had pain, nausea and fatigue since the 12th Aug and that was without any bleeding! And I'm scared what this lap will tell us, what it will mean for any hope of having children. My husband tells me that we are only given what we're strong enough to handle. Well, most days I can tell myself I'm strong, I can deal with this, but it's almost like I can feel myself fraying at the edges, like my grip is slowly slipping. Does anyone else ever get low like this? xo

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Yes . You are not alone . But you are strong enough to get through this. We all are, because we are all here for each other and support one another.

Always happy to talk if you want to.


Exactly the same, read my page xx

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Everyrthing will be ok, love of a good person gets you through anything! We all get low but it is how we deal with that low, it's hard but you must try and find positives, I always thinks there people worse off out there.

Until you hear them words of your fear then you have nothing to worry about. The nurse I had look after me had endo and she had two children!

Chin up tiger!!


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