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Liver endometeriosis


Has anyone got endometeriosis on liver? I've just had an excision surgery and my sugeon took all the disease but not the bit on my liver.

I get very bad pain on my right shoulder so I asked the sergeon to look at my diaphgram but apparently, she didn't see any on my diaphgram. I am a bit suspicious about it.

Anyway, if you have endo on your liver, what symptoms do you get and how are yoy managing it?

Thank you! x

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I used to get a lot of pain on my liver also and was convinced I had endo on my liver also but lap showed none. Recently I have cut out yeast products and found the pain nearly gone except for certain days throughout cycle so think my pain was down to excess yeast in body. I'm not saying this is your problem but worth giving it a try. Good luck X

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Thank you!

Yes, I have been avoiding having bread where possible and it seem to help my health in general.



I have been intolerant to wheat for ages so always had gluten free bread, but since cutting out bread altogether (I know it's hard) I have been a lot better x


I see. I seem to be OK with wheat but not with bread. For me, yast is the issue. xx


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