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This past month I keep getting nosebleeds, like probably once every 2 days, I don't know why though, it's only in my left nostril which according to MRI has a growth of some kind in it but they don't know what yet since I'm still waiting for the nose eyes and throat dr. They know it isn't cancer though. The last 4 periods before I went on Norlutate all resulted in nosebleeds so I don't know if this is related to endo or not.

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This may be unrelated but what pain meds are you on? A dr put me on mefanamic acid a couple of years ago. Within a month I had this growth inside one nostril. It burst and I had a full on nosebleed. I'd never had a nosebleed in my life before that. The dr couldn't see any connection between the drug and nosebleeds. All I know is I promptly stopped taking it (it wasn't helping enough with Endo pain anyway) and I've never had a nosebleed or growth/blood sack (yuck) since. As I say, your situation may be completely different but I thought it was worth mentioning my experience.


I'm on Naproxen.

I was put on memfamic acid for a week though and when I was on, my breathing was really off but I thought it was a panick attack, maybe it's from that...


It's certainly worth mentioning it at your appointment along with the medication you're on now. Since I had that experience I've researched it online and nose bleeds do occur in some people on mefanamic acid even though my GP knew nothing about it. Maybe worth researching naproxen too and go to the appointment with any findings from your research. Good luck! Xx


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