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Endometriosis, Cerazette between IVF treatments? Is Cerazette really that good?

Dear fellow endo sufferes and IVFers,

I am wondering if it was recommended to you to be on the birth control pill between IVFs and if so when you were told to stop it before starting treatment?

I am also wondering if Cerazette is some magic pill?

A gynaecologist wanted me to go on it till my next IVF and I am not sure as the pill did not really help me in the past.

My endo is strange after my last pregnancy, less menstrual gramps but shooting pain down my leg like the tissue on my ovary has increased and some stabbing pains all over and hip pain. I feel like the tissue is accumulating and it is not a nice feeling.

Ideally I would ask my IVF consultant but it costs around 300 pounds just to speak to him.

Thank you in advance

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I read in a medical research paper that taking the pill just before IVF had been found to increase the success rate for women with endometriosis. I don't know if that is why they recommended it for you. I will post the reference later.

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Thank you so much! I had been trying to google studies on this but could not find any! I have a research background so always try to find studies.


Here is the link: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl... The bit relating to the pill is in the section 'Medical Treatment'. It's an interesting paper anyway - I have a research background too (although nothing medical-related) so I've been trying to read some of the recent research literature around endo. Good luck with your IVF!

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Thanks a lot! :) I was really struggling to find anything.

I think having background in research is good when it comes to all this. There is a lot of myths out there and it is easy to buy into lots of stuff when you really want a child.


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