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Zoladex/Prostrap Bone Density

Hi all,

Does anyone know whether a bone scan is recommended after you've had courses of Zoladex and/or Prostrap? And how many cycles of these drugs could lead to bone density damage?

I've had three 6 month courses (two of one, and one of the other but I can't remember which way round..!) And not so long after finishing the last course I started to develope knee pain which has gradually gotten worse over the years. I'm therefore wondering whether it may be osteoporosis linked to the drugs however I have no idea how likely that actually is. I have all my notes with exact dates somewhere, however I had the drug cycles in approximately 2004-2009 ish. I didn't bother with them again after that as found they didn't help my endo at all and the side effects were awful.

Thanks in advance x

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There really is no way of knowing these things for any individual woman. I assume you didn't have add back HRT. It is generally considered that bone loss should be recovered if taken for 6 months. But with 3 cycles the only way to know for sure if you have normal bone density is to have the DEXA scan. I would recommend that you do. If you can't get it on the NHS you can have them done privately.


Hi there, thanks for your prompt response.

For the initial cycle i had with my first consultant I wasn't offered any HRT, and when I said this to my next consultant he was really shocked and he provided me with it for the next two cycles. I was very young when I had the first cycle and didn't know much about endometriosis then so didn't even know to ask for it unfortunately. I do have private health insurance so am thinking of asking my GP to refer me. Do you know if a DEXA scan is better than an MRI? I am assuming because I didn't have the HRT for one cycle that increases my chances of being effected.

Thanks again.


Hi - it is not supposed to be given to women under 23 because their bone density has not fully formed yet. For some it might not reach max density until nearer 30. But as you were given HRT for the next two cycles this should have protected your bones - that is what it is for as well as to ease the menopause symptoms. To be honest I wouldn't think one cycle would have had a great effect but it will be best to check. It is definitely a DEXA you need as that is a specific bone density scan.


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