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Hi I'm new here, I realised I can't get a diagnosis from an online forum but just want to gather some opinions from people with experience.

I have always had fairly painful periods but is something that has worsened with age. I have no diagnosis of endo but haven't really tried for one only once saw the doctor for painful periods and she prescribed me mefanamic acid which I never actually received as the pharmacy didn't stock it and kept telling me they would order it but never did.

I have painful periods (can get up to about an 8/10 I'd say. I manage with it at home but definitely not up for leaving the house on the first day of my period), I sometimes experience pain on moving my bowels and this just happens when I'm on my period not each bowel movement but often enough I've noticed it's only on my period. I had a previous ultrasound for other reasons which show multiple cysts on my ovaries. I've been under the impression for a while that I had endo but as I have managed I didn't see the point in pushing for a diagnosis. When I'm on the pill makes things 10 times better feels how I expect a period to feel some aches and cramping but nothing bad.

However, I am currently trying for a baby so am obviously not using the pill. Going on 5 months now (which I realise is not long, just long enough to put doubts in my head) especially as I previously tried for a baby for 9 months unsuccessfully before a relationship break down so am with someone different now. Periods seem to get more painful each month I'm off the pill.

So my questions are do you think it sounds like I may be experiencing endometriosis? In your opinion do you think I should wait the normal 1 year recommendation before getting checked with the doctor? Cause I'm just nervous that if it is endo waiting will just make my chance of conceiving worse.

Sorry it's such a long post

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Hi Ellesmera,

Please push to get this looked at! If you already now you have cysts that is something to get cleared up. It does sound to me like endo (I am no doc though) and if it is leaving it and dealing with the pain will not help and you could be doing more damage than good!


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