To point of giving up

Got my results for Mri scan, my gynecologist couldn't find anything wrong with my ovaries and that was good news. The reason I went to the doctor was because I was in so much pain. During an ultrasound they found a lump which I presume turned out to be a benign fibroid, which they said wouldn't be a cause of the pain. So have now just said ovaries OK, no further action. NO FURTHER ACTION! How can you let a woman who has suffered with pain for 2 years just carry on with daily life. When I'm on my period I'm almost paralysed with the pain. "oh it must be anxiety darling" you know if I hear that one more time and gonna come down on them like a ton of bricks. This CANNOT happen on a daily basis to women. I will not let it. If nothing is done at my doctors appointment today, i will make a heavy complaint. This is the end of just having to wait 2 or 3 years for someone to listen as well as having it confirmed. Thats someone's happiness on the line.

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Sorry to hear this, it could be worth trying again - it there another Gp you could see or another surgery maybe, get them to refer you to another gynaecologist/hospital. I found keeping a diary really useful, and a visual one at that! So I would have notes daily to what symptoms I had, then on a printed monthly calendar I would use, / = to show i was in pain, but not enough to take tablets, x= i was taking meds and then a droplet for when i was bleeding. I then also calculated the amount of bad days out of a full month so 20 bad days out of a 31 day month to get me a % which i wrote next to every month and overall sheet.

I felt that when I was seen telling them what was happening and saying "i don't have a life" wasn't enough. I hope you get somewhere!

Its really hard when you know something somewhere isn't right, but at the end of the day we know our bodies best! I live a 7 minute walk from work and it got to a regular thing of where I was driving round because I couldn't walk that distance, then i would be on lighter duties at work too.

I've changed surgerys, doctors. I didn't get to the gynecologist stage until a month ago. I started my period at the age of 9 and have had terrible periods for 20 years. The other day I received a letter with my age on it, it says 21. I'm nearly 31, it's an absolute disgrace. Im so angry and it shouldn't have got to this point! I can't do every day tasks. I have a 8 month and he knows his mum is in agony and there is nothing I can do about it. Its just hard work with the doctors. Women shouldn't have to put up with this! Yeah we have periods and we should deal with that only, not horrible pain like this.

Keep pushing then and keep a note of everything - no matter how small things seem at the time because before you know it, the same symptom might happen over and over again and we brush it off.

Ask what meds you can get for the pain and again try them and keep going back (if they don't help), its annoying i know and I hated doing it, its only because my family saw me going from such an active person to nothing they pushed me and it taken me about 4 if not 5 trip to the doctors to get the right medicine.

Im keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

I'm hoping this is the right doctor this time around. Thank you for your advice. X

Is it possible to see a private gynaecologist specialised in endometriosis? It maybe worth the money £200-300. I actually went to see a private GP for my pain as my nhs one couldn't see me on the day. But it turned out to be a great decision and he recommended the right specialist to see.

Take care

Thank you. Saw my doctor today. I'm waiting for a gynaecologist appointment, they are doing other tests too. See how far I get.

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