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Endometriosis/Adanomyosis advise?

Hey ladies,

So, i'm Dani... a newbie and was hoping i could ask you for some advise please? I've read so many scary medical articles online it would be nice to hear from some people who have actually been through it.

Basically, i'm 20 years old and have had very painful periods since they stared. I've gone through stages where i can easily manage them with OTC painkillers but recently they have been getting so much worse. To the point where i can't stand, i'm being sick and in general, i'm in agony every month, especially in the hours after going to the loo and lower back discomfort. I also get really bad throbbing pain in my ovary during ovulation. I was really worried about endometriosis as i had quite a few of the symptoms. After my doctor finally believed how much pain i was in (which took a while as my periods are regular and not an unmanageable flow ) i was told i have a 'bulky uterus' which was more likely to be down to Adenomyosis. She seemed to skirt over it though, and i was a little shocked as i didn't know what that was at the time. She said it is likely early stages and unlikely to cause any problems.... YET!! and that it wasn't worth doing scans at this point as it may not show up.

So, me being me, i went home and looked it up and basically scared the poop out of myself. Every thing i have read has said that Adenomyosis is likely to cause fertility problems and will eventually require surgery. Now i know this is likely to be very far in the future but i would love to know what it was like for you ladies in the early days and if you think this could be endo/adeno?

Sorry for the megga rant haha, and any advise is massively appreciated!

Thanks you!!!

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Sorry to here your story. GP is right in that scans don't show up endo on adenomyosis only a laparoscopic procedure will.

Insist on being referred to s BSGE clinic and specialist as they will be best placed to advice you on what you need now and what you may need in the future.

Search Lindles posts on here as really informative on BSGE clinics.

Good luck

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