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New here....gynaecology today and scared!

Hi everyone, I have a 2nd gynaecology appointment today and im worried they'll just send me back to my gp.with no answers or tests :( a bit of background...

I've suffered from stomach complaints for almost 3 years...back then I was sent to hospital and kept in for 4 days and had a scan...I was let out they treated for a kidney infection! My pain is ongoing and getting worse!

Last year I suffered a mmc after seeing my babas heartbeat...never got a bfn after d&c but after 4 weeks I seemed advice as was still strong bfps after 10 blood tests a midwife scanned and I was told in her opinion I'd had a second mc...this did not get logged!

In January I was over the moon to get 3 bfps only to start bleeding 3 days later! Chemical pregnancy!

Most months I am in a lot of pain! It is seriously affecting my life! I can get pains at various times of the month...I have been told I have severe mittleshmerz...when I get my period I am ridiculously exhausted...I have so much pain in my lower abdomen along with lower back pain and now it's started travelling down my legs and in my pelvic bone :( this is along with dizziness and nausea!

My doctors kept saying it was cyclical pain and functional pain and stopped giving me pain relief as I was ttc...the solution was to put me on the pill! I was in so much pain that I went in tears and agreed though I only started taking it last month and I'm sitting here now in so much pain! I was in hospital from Thursday to Saturday night there during which they done yet another x ray and ultrasound which came back clear! There was traces of blood in my urine and from Saturday during the day when I pee and wipe there is blood there!

I feel like I'm constantly crying cause no one seems to understand how much pain I am in ๐Ÿ˜” a few people have suggested my symptoms sound like endometriosis...what do you think? Xx

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Hello, I had my first gyi apt on the 1st april and have waited until the 12th august for another appointment.. My background is the same as yours, although I have never been pregnant, but I have been trying to conceive for the last 2 an half years...

On the first gyni apt the lady told me that my symptoms sounded gastro related.. I have had two camera tests previously for this, these check your bowels ect which came back fine.

On my second gyni apt I will be asking for a laproscopy to check for endometriosis as im really worried that this is the cause of my symptoms and also not being able to conceive.

They try and pass me back and forth every time rather to gastro or urology - which I've been to both and everything was fine. There is no way that they are 'fobbing me off again' this time, you need to push for a laparoscopy, don't let them try and pass you from pillow to post because they will!

Your symptoms are exactly the same as mine.. the pains in my legs started in just my thighs, now they go down the whole of my legs and I just get so physically drained and tired. Nausea is terrible, its awful!! but I know how you feel and I honestly do understand everything your going through!! hope you get it sorted xxx


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