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Im im so much pain, it feels like everyone around me doesn't understand how much this actually hurts. I had surgery 2 days ago and ive just got my period to make everything worse, i really just wanna hear from someone that feels the same way as me, until this year I never knew this disease even existed. I'm only 18 years old and I don't know how to deal with this, please help me

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You're not alone. I cannot describe the pain I endure almost everyday to the people around me. I don't think people understand the intensity of the pain.

I've not yet had a solution that works yet (I've had a lap and mirena coil fitted, been on several different pills) so I can't advise you on what to do next. But don't think that you're alone & keep pestering your GP/Gyne.


Sorry to hear you feel so down and low at the minute. None of my friends understand and I hate cancelling on plans because I'm pretty sure they think I can't be bothered. I'm 26 and still live at home which is a good job as my mum and dad have been able to help me with the basic things - getting clothes washed and cooking dinner when I'm bad & tbh it feels like most weeks and days at the minute so I know how you feel. Try and get comfy and sleep/rest if you can, make sure you look after yourself as its only been a few days since your op! X


Thanks so much for getting back to me both of you, I've been feeling so lost and confused and it is appreciated so much more then i could explain

I found a group on facebook called endometriosis heroines and they have been helping me too so if you need a support group, look it up and join in

Thankyou so much


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