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Can I refuse medication/birth control


My first gynae appointment is in August. From reading on here I see most first ports of call they offer are zoladex or birth control .

I'm 24 and have already taken the pill for 11 years, coming off it almost 2 years ago

My partner and I were hoping to start a family in the next year so I really do not want any form of medication or birth control

What I want is for them to do a lap and give an official diagnosis so I know what is actually going on inside!

If I tell them about wanting to start a family will they go straight for the lap? If the don't and start to push medication can I refuse and ask for a lap?

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you can definitely refuse birth control and/or other medication especially if you are wanting to start a family. With endometriosis, sometimes trying for a family can be a long enduring process so no need to prevent it further by any medications. Be firm on a lap and tell them your plans. They should understand and co-operate.


Thank you that's really good to know xx


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