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I've started bleeding about a month ago and I'm not sure if it's period or not. It's not like period where stops after a (for me a week of period) few days but it continues on for a month till this day I'm still bleeding. This never happened to me before. Maybe I should state that I'm 22y/o , married (no kids) sexually active.

I've had my first period when I was 13, my periods are (very)irregular. And hurts most of the time, before and the 1st-2nd day on my period. There are times that I've missed a few (my longest was 5 months without period when I was in 5-6th grade and 2months without period when I was 19-20y/o). And my last (real) period was about 2 months ago.

So fast forward yesterday, I went to the gynecologist for the first time, had a checkup. My blood pressure was low 90+/30+. The doctor said currently I'm not pregnant(but there's a possibility that I am pregnant), but I do sorta have a problem with my hormones. So he prescribed me with duphaston, said I should take 2 tablets every night after dinner for a week, and naturally my period will come, if not then there's a chance that I'm pregnant. I did a pregnancy test last month,twice (was already bleeding that time, that's why I took a test) also a took another pregnancy test a week ago. And all of my tests were negative. And today I've found out all about endometriosis, and some of the symptoms I also have. Like abdominal cramps during menstruation, back pain (not during period though, my work causes me to have back pains because we paint alot), heavy bleeding during period and sometimes painful sex. And i should add I don't eat breakfast, I only drink warm tea(I don't feel like eating, i've been like this since I was in elementary) I do eat breakfast when I don't have work, I'm not a morning person. Thinking about work makes me lose my appetite and every morning my upper stomach starts to hurt (i'm acidic) and lastly I get tired a lot and sleepy (maybe because of work, it involves physical activity, painting, lifting and fast paced walking)

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