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I have just been diagnosed with this after suffering or a year in pain not knowing what it is I am only 19 I am really scared I have had key hole surgery they found Endo on my pelvic walls and my bowel and also some on my bladder which they stripped their was only a tiny bit on my right ovary does this mean children won't happen for me anymore I am not looking to start a family the now but I have been in a relation ship for some times it is something I would like but I am just not sure what my chances are now !

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No, it does not mean that children won't happen. I had endometriosis on my utero-sacral ligaments, Pouch of Douglas, bladder and peritoneum. I had it all removed 11 years ago and went on to have two children, who are now 7 and 10 years old. Endo affects everyone differently and while infertility can he a side effect, it is not certain you will become infertile.


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