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Trying to understand adhesions

I have been trying to understand adhesions and what happens when you have them. I just finished reading the information in a link that the lovely Lindle posted. But I am still confused. I was given to understand by my doctor that I have a lot of adhesions around my ovaries and also pelvic adhesions. He also said that my left ovary is stuck to my uterus and bowels due to the adhesions, and the pushing and pulling around of my organs could be causing me severe pain. I do experience very very severe pain on my left side for about 3 weeks in a month. And I do feel sharp pulling sensations. But I don't understand why the pain starts to diminish after ovulation and completely stops for about a week before the next periods. If adhesions were causing the pain, they wouldn't just vanish for a week right? I do have pain during intercourse but again is very severe during my periods until ovulation after which it starts reducing. I don't understand how adhesions can become dormant for about a week every month. If pelvic adhesions were causing pain during intercourse, shouldn't I have them regardless of the timing of my cycle?

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I think it has something to do with inflammation and hormone levels which change throughout your cycle.


Thank you. You could be right, maybe the adhesions get inflammed and cause pain. I am doing a lot of things like endo diet, supplements etc hoping to reduce inflammation, i just hope they work.

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