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Help? Tell me your laparoscopy experience

First time posting here. I've had pain for so long and actually had hospital stays because the've assumed it's been things like appendicitis. However after 6 months of back and forward with my gp and a+e, two abdominal scans, a internal pelvic scan, 3 X Ray's a CT scan I have finally been referred for a Laparoscopy. I had my first appointment with my Gynae today and he looked at all my history and as soon as I sat down said right lets get your pre assessment done for surgery. I'm so chuffed that it's finally getting taken seriously. However I now don't know what to expect. Can anyone tell me their experiences? Is it painful afterwards? How many insisions will I have if they find and remove the scar tissue. Recovery time? Any experience or advice would be great thanks xx

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Hi, so glad to hear you're being properly looking after now. The lap will officially diagnose your endo as well as treat it if it's found. It's done under general aneasthetic and mine was about 1.5hrs. They give you a strong pain relief injection for the op so when I woke up, I didn't feel anything other than mild discomfort. I have 3 small incisions - 1 tummy button and 1 each side - all very discreet and they fade over time. Before the op, buy peppermint tea for the post op gas pains (trust me!), very comfy knickers with a high loose waist band and make sure you have someone who can get you things for the first few days because you'll be sore. You are likely to be discharged same day or day after feeling dizzy and strange but that's the anesthetic so don't worry. Get plenty of sleep and take the painkillers they give you religiously until you feel better. Walk little and often and never ever pressure Yourself to get better quicker! It took me 3 weeks to go back to work and even then I felt only about 80% so be gentle with yourself. Hope that helps. Xx


I had my first laparoscopy 3 weeks ago which was to find out why I haven't been able to get pregnant and that's when they found the endo, I didn't know I had it beforehand.

When I first woke up I had what felt like bad period pains from where they had lasered the endo off so they have me morphine which sorted that out. I was discharged about two hours post op and went home. The only discomfort I've had was in my actu al incisions (I had 3 which have all basically healed now) they made it a bit painful to move around but not unbearable. I was lucky enough to not suffer with any gas pains or bleeding after the first day and I felt totally back to normal within a week or so have been able to exercise etc


My lap turned out to be mostly diagnostic (although the initial plan was to drain two chocolate cysts and laser off endo if possible) because the surgeon said the endo was pretty bad and my ovary was not accessible due to adhesions. They did a bit of whatever they could, and removed a polyp. It was just over an hour. When i woke up i was pretty groggy but i remeber i felt very cold for a fee minutes and also had pain. But they immediately gave me a pain relief injection and within a few mins i was better. I still had bleeding so they put this tube-like thing to drain it (forgot what it is called) and kept me in the hospital overnight for observation. I needed the pain relief injction one more time that day due to shoulder pains but other than that i was ok. By next day, i was 80% back to normal. I was not constipated or anything either. All in all, not a pleasant experience but nothing very bad either. In fact, compared to some of the endo flareups i have had, it was almost a cakewalk. Good luck for your surgery, i hope it all goes well. I am glad you are getting the care you deserve.


I had. A diagnostic lap in sept last year. I went down to theatre at 9.30 and was going home by 1.30. Felt tired for a few days after and felt a bit stiff but generally wasn't in pain except for a very slight period pain. Was back in work within 10 days. Good luck x


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