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Pain on the left side of vagina

Pain on the left side of vagina


I am 23. 1 day ago after my menstruation, i have this brown discharge.

Worst, i am feeling a lain on the left side of my vagina. I think it is on the inside or the muscle above the bone. It pains when i hold my pee, i walk, after i pee and when i do stuff. I did not have any operations yet. I have attached a photo on where the pain is located below, the one encircled in red.

The pain comes and go. Sometimes i feel it in my vagina or in my labia but most of the time, it's on the left side of it.

I hope you could help me. I am worried af.

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Sorry that i cant help but i feel the same... its horrible and so so sooo difficult to live with this pain :( how about you nowadays? i see that ur post is about 1 year old.. i hope u will reply and i really hope that ure better now


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