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Total pelvic peritoneal excision surgery

Hi all,

Hope your days are pain free!

I have been to see a private specialist who carries out total pelvic peritoneal excision surgery, and has amazing reviews but sadly there is no way I could fund the cost of surgery at approx. £18,000.

Does anyone know if this surgery is available via the NHS? If so how can I be referred if they are out of area? Also WHY ON EARTH do the NHS not do this for everyone??? The explanation of the laser surgery that the NHS offer that does not work at all, why on earth are they wasting time/money/lives still doing it :S

A x

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It may be worth looking at individual funding request information. Where you can argue the benefit of surgery not usually available through the NHS

Good luck


Wow that's alot of money, I've heard ladies saying before, that not many surgeon have had the training to do such an op, I don't think any one does it on nhs, have you had thorough excision surgery with a bsge specialist centre???


Thanks for you're responses, for my first surgery they used laser to burn the top of the endo, I have just been referred to a bsge centre, who have just left me on zoladex for an additional 6 months, even though I've already been on it for 6 and it takes the edge of a small amount but I've still been in and out of hospital from the really hellish days, so it hasn't worked this far so just wasting more time in loads of pain. Feel like I'm just constantly being ignored by the nhs.

The trouble with the excision is that any endo cells that can't be seen will just grow on the areas that are not cut out and I will be in the same boat in no time. The nhs can't offer a fix that lasts longer than 5 mins, by the sounds of thinks when the nhs use the laser treatment it is completely pointless as 1. They leave endo on purpose because it may be on an organ which they cannot apply the heat to without causing possible huge complications and 2. The bits that they do laser do not go far enough down to remove the endo so it will continue to grow in the same spot. It is baffling that the nhs carry this surgery out at all!!!!

I've lost my job, many 'friends', and my life in the last 8 months, following constant agony since the laser surgery, the nhs seem to think this is normal and OK!!!! No one has even bothered to see if something went wrong from my first surgery, which before I had I was only in pain surrounding my periods!

So frustrating!!!

A x


I'm in a similar situation so I know the feeling, I had excision surgery in march last year, then a hysterectomy for adenomyosis in july, I'm still in pain, just come off zolodez and have had a terrible weekend,

Excision is the gold standard of treatment as it can cut deeper. Rather than shaving from top, so now we are both with a bsge specialist centre, let's hope they can do a better job than our gynes did, xxx


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