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Urgh :(

Okay so I don't actually talk to my family about my problems or anything that's wrong with me. the only persons I speak to are my boyfriend and his mum - it's just easier and more comfortable for me. Anyway, I've just told them about the possibility of endometriosis and i've told them it isn't major, it just would explain a lot and i'e told them that i'd have to have the lap to confirm it. Again, told them it isn't major and it should be over in like a day or whatever but in all honesty I have no idea what i'm saying. I'm just telling them what i've seen for others and what i've read online. The endo the doctors do think I have and I will have to have the lap... But I have never had to go to the hospital for anything before. I've never had to have any kind of operation or absolutely anything, I'm absolutely clueless and honestly I have no idea what to expect. I'm trying to be strong not just for everyone I have to tell but for me too. I'm so embarrassed about being new to it all, i'm 21 years old and I feel like I should be prepared for whatever life throws at me but honestly I'm really not. I have no idea what's happening with my body and I don't know how to explain to anyone why I can't do certain things because of the pains!!! I just feel like I'm blagging it to everyone around me to show that I can handle this shit, whereas really I just can't.

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Having a laparoscopy is a day surgery but you should not be lifting for about a 14days afterwards. You should have two small incisions, one in your belly button and the other above your pelvic bone. I have had this done and felt great afterwards, the pain was gone. I, too, am more comfortable talking to my mother in-law than my own family, she knew about my lap well before others did. Not every one is comfortable sharing health information with family as sometimes it can cause a bit of an uproar or a lack there of. It is okay to turn to someone else for a shoulder to lean on.


Hi hunny, it's hard to talk to people sometimes, but honesty is the best policy when it comes to endo, you might need some help recovering , and depending on what they do whilst in there, it can take a few weeks to recover,

Unfortunately endo isn't curable so it's likely that you will have issues in the future so the more your family knows the easier it will be for you,

Perhaps go on line nhs website and find a description of the desease and symtons and treatments, and show them that,

The lap it self is nothing to be worried about, sometimes you will have 3 incisions a camera through just above belly button and upto 2 more, if they remove any endo it can take longer to recover,

Good luck xxx



I'm 23 and awaiting a laparoscopy so know some of what you are feeling. I'm not sure where you are based but if it's in the UK, you should get a leaflet with your appointment to explain the procedure. It will also be fully explained, with what to expect and possible risks before you sign your consent form.

Taking your boyfriend along to your appointments might help, as it's difficult to remember everything afterwards. He can remember the bits you don't and ask any questions he needs to.

Let's face it, we all try to put on a brave face but we are still very young. I hope the op goes well and that you recover quickly



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