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Changes in symptoms?

Hi all. So I have had endo for 6 years. Last lap 3 years ago but they didn't remove it as there was too much. I have had the coil for 18 months and my periods are becoming more frequent and irregular. I can't use other hormones as they affect my mental health. I ended up calling 111 last week and was seen by out of hours due to pain that was different to usual endo pain. Just been for an internal scan today and the cysts I had 3 months ago resolved. Does anyone elses pain change every now and again?

Also how much am I meant to just put up with the bleeding?! My endo nurse said there isn't much else they can do regarding my periods but I also know the frequency of which I'm having them is encouraging growth surely?!

I'm at a bit of a loss. Any advice would be appreciated


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Are you under a bsge specialist centre, ???, If not you should be, the gold standard of treatment for endo is to excise thoroughly, thus should be done by a bsge specialist,

My pain changes from time to time, I'm awaiting a second laparoscopy to excise endo, I've also had a hysterectomy for adenomyosis so don't have periods,


I am but They don't want to operate yet if at all due to the level of it. My consultant said it would be like skinning a rabbit and therefore increasing my chance of adhesions.

What would you do in my situation? Push for op or ride it out for longer? The pain generally isn't as bad as it has been bar last week but the bladder symptoms are getting worse


I think if I was you I would ask for a second opinion, have you ever spoken to Lindle on here, she is very helpful, when it comes to the best options and could suggest a better surgeon, in my opinion the longer you leave it the worse it will get, good luck, xxx


That was my second opinion! My consultant is retiring soon so will check when that is and make an appointment with the new consultant. Thanks for your advice xxx


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