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Blisters on Bladder?

Hi everyone.

I had endo excision back in March and had posted before about post op bleeding.

I went back to see gynae today for a check up, unfortunately i had three months of not much pain and now it feels like it has intensified, it is worse now than it was before the op!

I have pulling pain on my left side and wondered if it could be scar tissue?

He told me I had pouches which he removed but also that I had blisters on my bladder, he said there isnt any endo in them so he wasn't worried about them, but I am!

Has anyone else ever been told they have these? Is it normal? Should I look into it further?

My gynae suggested seeing him again in 6 months because I'm still in pain. But I'm unsure what else he could suggest when I see him again.

Possibly another laparoscopy?

Any help about the blisters would really help. Thank you :)

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