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Provera - experience?

My Gynae has prescribed me oral Provera (10mg 3 times a day) after six months of unsuccessful Zoladex injections. I have the prescription for 2 weeks now & am very anxious about taking them. The information leaflet says talk to your Doctor before taking if you have a various list of symptoms; I have two of the listed, namely migraines and a history of depression.

Have any of you taken Provera and if so what has been your experience? The Zoladex turned me into a irritable grumpy depressed moody cow..... :-(

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I was prescribed provera for 6 months following surgery and also have a history of depression. They did make me even more irritable than normal, l also had the shivers a lot but they did help keep most of my symptoms at bay for a while. Everyone will react differently as lm sure u know but they are worth trying and because they r a tablet u can stop the treatment if they don't work for you. I would discuss everything with your gp and family and friends first. I pre warned mine that l may be stroppier than usual!! Hope this helps, don't hesitate to ask if you need to know anything else. X

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Thanks! I did ring my GP today & I'm going to give them a try & see how I get on.

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