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Bladder and endo

Hi, I have suffered from endo for a 12 years now on and off but I have been pain free for just over a year until the last few days! I have been suffering water infection symptoms (6 times in the last 6 months), this time for a week but after doing samples there is nothing there so the doctor has referred me to the urology (I think it it called) as she thinks I have endo on the bladder. My tummy is hurting, so I'm expecting to be bed bound in the next few days for god knows how long! (Not idea with a 6 year old).

The thing is I am having to wait six weeks before I can get an appointment and sitting in the bath for 4 hours sometimes to get a bit of releif isn't ideal, So I'm just wondering if anyone has any other ideas of what I can use for relief from the water infection like symptoms? I have tried cystitis sashas (after 4 boxes they loose the affect), cranberry juice and lots of water.

Also What is the treatment if it is endo on the bladder?

Thanks in advance!

Vicky X

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Lemon barley water is really soothing on bladder lots of recipes online super easy to make your own.


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