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Anyone in the Highlands with endo and fertility issues?


I haven't posted for a while. Got my second period after my first lap about two and a half weeks ago. The lap seemed to get of my contractions, but I was still left with cramps and really sharp pains for about a fortnight before my period and for about the first 2-3 days. I guess that's to be expected? Surgery can't cure everything, right?

Anyway, trying for children for almost 3 years and now the endo diagnosis have taken their toll on me mentally. Since I'm not posting here much, I was wondering if there was anyone nearby with whom I can commiserate with? Still waiting for an advocate from Endo UK and have just finished some interpersonal therapy on the NHS.

Anyway, it would be nice to hear from someone who's going through/gone through similar things, who lives nearby.


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Hi, unfortunately I don't live near you, I live in Manchester but I am also trying for a baby after a laparoscopy in April and just wanted to say I am hear if you wanted to chat.

I still have a few pains but no where near as bad as they were before the lap, I don't need to take any painkillers and they mainly occur around when I am ovulating. Xx


Hi Pinklady123!

Thanks for that! I will definitely take you up on the offer of a chat!

Recently, I've found that I get at least one day sometime before my period starts where my mood plummets. I'm trying to do some of the endo diet, but I guess it takes a while to fully feel the effects.

Also, with respect to trying for a baby, the moment I feel a cramp or sharp pain I get anxious, panicky and sad/furious that I'm not pregnant and have to go through another (painful) period. I know that I have yet to have my follow-up appointment after my first lap, but I feel like either I have a baby (for the sake of wanting children and for the sake of lessening future period pain) or have a hysterectomy. This may not seem rational...?

I still need to take naproxen for pain though.

What is your story? How are things going for you?


I have rally struggled since my lap but more emotionally than physically. I am desperate to start a family and am so scared that it might not happen for me.

I consider myself as very lucky as I have not been suffering for very long at all. I've never had any problems in the past but came off the pill in December to start trying and 6 weeks later I started with pains, I got fobbed off by my doctors numerous times, but in the end got a referral to a gyne and he said straight away examining me that he thought it was endo. Luckily I have private healthcare so I had a lap the following week to remove it. Had my follow up appointment a few weeks later and he told us to start trying again as soon as I felt ready.

I have been feeling pretty good physically the past few weeks until nearly 2 weeks ago and I've started to get tummy cramps again and I'm so worried it's come back or that something else is wrong.

How long have you suffered with endo? When is your follow up appointment? I can understand why you feel you need to have a child or a hysterectomy, I think all sorts of irrational things. Are you trying for your first child? I am and I'm 34 so am worried that time is not on my side either xx


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