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Constant pelvic pain before & after laparoscopy??


I had been experiencing sudden sharp pains and constant acheing pains along my bikini line more on the right side than the left around 3 weeks ago. I went to out of hours doc who sent me to A&E with suspected appendicitis. I told the consultants i didn't feel ill as I would expect with appendicitis but they still insisted I had the key hole surgey to remove the appendix. When I woke up they told me the appendix was fine but they took it out anyway and found blood in my abdomen and all around which is usually evidence of a ruptured cyst on my Fallopian tube. I was discharged the same day with paracetmol. I woke up the next day in incredible amounts of pain but I expected it. It was a week later and I was still in agony with the same pain I had before the op and with extreme nausea and dizziness. It got too much so I returned back to A&E and they admitted me for 4 days, before sending me home saying all bloods are normal, urine tests are normal and ultrasound scan showed no fluid left from the op but they couldn't see one ovary so they did an outpatient referral to gynae. It seemed to me that they wasn't concerned at all why i had the original sharp pain on the right side of my bikini line back again and I'm worried it's an underlying symptom of something serious. I have fibromyalgia so along with all the pain I'm constantly exhausted and fatigued. Any ideas as to why I might still be in pain??

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