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Endo diagnosis

On the 2nd June I had a laparoscopy to investigate pelvic pain. My consultant came to see me in recovery and said he found areas of endo that he burnt away and that he seperated my bowel from my appendix. He also commented that if I had no problems I didn't need to attend my follow up appointment. Of course I've got lots of questions to ask , but feel if I go I'm wasting his time. As his a general gynaecologist I wonder if I cancel appointment and ask my gp to refer me to bsge centre. Or do I go see what he says and then go from there. Feeling confused what to do 😕.

My belly button has healed but my two lower incisions are still healing and I've still got discomfort below my belly button but I do have bruising there still.

It is a relief to have a diagnosis but also feeling a bit lost 😟.

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Hi - the treatment of endo is based on pain and/or infertility so wherever you are seen you would have to be in pain or have fertility problems in order to be given treatment. I don't think a BSGE centre would see you unless you have such a basis for referral. I think you will need to give yourself say 3 months to assess your symptoms bearing in mind that you might expect pain after a lap for a few months. Then if feel your symptoms are continuing you can request a referral as they would feel a reasonable time had lapsed and you can start afresh at a centre.

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Thank you for that Lindle, that makes a lot of sense. Can you advice me on what I need to ask my consultant on my follow up?


The first thing I would do is get a copy of the report sent to your GP to establish exactly where he found endo. The fact that it was 'burned' suggests a fairly basic treatment that will usually only be temporary. What to say at your next consultation will depend on how you are at that time. If you are pain free it would be reasonable to be discharged but if you subsequently develop pain that would be the time to seek referral to a centre which is easier if you are in England. Have a look at my post on the referral pathway. x

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