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Has anyone been prescribed clomid for endometriosis

Please can anyone help me. I came off the depo injection in December and have been actively trying to conceive. My endometriosis was well controlled for 8 years whilst on the injection. Since coming off my periods are severe, each cycle gets worse and worse with the pain. I've been off the depo 6 months and so far had four periods. My GP says that as I want a baby there is nothing they can do and they won't prescribe clomid till at least a year. Does any one know if going private would increase the chance of getting clomid prescribed?

I'm in two minds, but the GP keeps telling me I need to get pregnant soon to reduce my symptoms so I feel helpless as the pain in the mean time each month is unbearable. I'm having half a month where I'm in total agony which is really impacting on my work and life. I was told that people who have endometriosis can be prescribed clomid before a year does anyone know if this is true?

I would really appreciate any help or support Thanks

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Did you have your tubes checked that they were free and clear, so the egg can get where it needs? have you been doing ovulation tests? Clomid helps induce ovulation, so you may not need it. Have you had a day 21 progesterone test to check your hormones? All can be helpful in giving you a better idea as to whether you can conceive naturally or not.


Hi there

I am currently undergoing fertility treatment to help me concieve. I was given chlomid to get but it didn't suit me I got a thin womb lining because of it and got a cyst!! It sometimes dosent suit women with endromestosis x


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