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Period Pain

Hi everyone.

I'm on my second period since having Endo removed and it's so painful. I have a sharp throb in my left side. I just wanted to know if this is normal!? 😳 I'm quite new to all this so sorry for sounding daft. Any advice would be great! 😊 Thanks

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Hi HealthBuds,

I've inly had 2 periods since my lap. The first one was great (as far as periods go) no pain at all. The second one..... OMG.... The pain. I was curled up in a ball on the bed for hours.

I am due on again Sunday so not looking forward to that!

After seeing my consultant last week he said (and he hopes) it is still my insides recovering from the work he did. I really hope he is right!

I think most of us hope the lap will fix things straight away but even once we have healed on the outside there is still the inside that we can't see.

Stick with it, dose up, hot water bottle etc but over all we need to give it time..... And lots of chocolate!!!




Thanks for the reply. I was yesterday exactly how your described yours. I was curled up with a hot water bottle in agony until eventually I fell asleep.

I'm due to see my consultant mid July post op so looking forward to that.

I take it that it's just something I have to live with and I'll expect that from every period now on, if I happen to get a good one then I'll be chuffed 🤗 I never thought I'd hear myself say that haha!!

Hope your feeling ok and Sunday won't be too bad for you ☺️

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I was told it should sort itself out in a few months once all the inside healing has finished. I've noticed as well that since my op my cycle is now only 26 days... I was always 28/30days, but again he said this might just been while healing!

It's horrible after having such a pain-free period the first time to feel like I've taken a massive step back but I'm prepared to stick with it for a few months but if no improvement I'm going back to see the consultant!

Good luck for pain free periods soon!



Thank you, you too. Best of luck


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