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How am I still bleeding?!

I've basically been bleeding lightly since December. I had treatment for CIN3 cells 4 weeks ago so I got told I would bleed for a while after but this is ridiculous.

I think the existing endometriosis issues have been massively effected by the treatment.

It's so heavy & I'm so tired & I feel gross all the time because of it. I can't have sex & I've got a holiday in a few weeks which I feel I'm not going to enjoy as much because I can't go swimming.

Where on earth is this blood coming from?!?! It's still bright red & there are massive clots quite a lot of the time.

Feeling so miserable x

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that doesn't sound healthy. I've had the treatment (for CIN2) and I too have endometriosis. I didn't bleed for too long afterward and I only bled monthly due to the endo.

I suggest you speak to a doctor. I know after my laparoscopy I was bleeding really heavily and the doctors said as long as I wasn't bleeding through a pad it was just a period (I doubted that!) but that was their level of serious.

This is effecting your mood and daily life. If the blood is bright red and there are clots it sounds like something is bleeding, as opposed to an old injury.

Please get checked out. If anything they should be listening to how it's impacting on you and checking your iron.

Good luck x


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