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I'm worried and confused

Iv been having pain in my back and stomach since I was 13, doctors kept treating me for bladder and kidney infections...I'm now 19 and found out Iv never had an infection and I'm now being tested for endometriosis. I'm a support worker for young adults with autism. Iv been signed off work for 8weeks due to pain and not sleeping. Iv been told nothing about endometriosis...can anyone tell me bits about it...


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Hi did u have a laprostopy to confirm that u have endometriosis endometriosis is a condition were the lining of the womb comes away and often starts growing in other parts of the body it can affect bladder rectum ovarys tubes womb uteral sacral ligaments can cause painful periods ibs symptoms clots pain during sex back pain bleeding between periods can also affect fertility but that depends on were endometriosis is located i hope this helps u to understand abit about it and hope U are on the mend soon and try get some rest to xx


No Iv only had an ultrasound scan and have another one next week and thank you so much this has helped alot X


No problem I was dignosed last year with aheadions on pouch of Douglas it joined it to my womb and found endometriosis in my womb but a laprostopy is the only way u will no if you have endometriosis xx


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