Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. I'm 32 and from Fife and had a total hysterectomy in December 2014 after multiple miscarriages (8 in total), and years of Endometriosis. Then there was the adjustment period of being on HRT and going through early menopause too. So now, after being diagnosed with anxiety, juggling being a carer for my father and trying to study for a degree, I am finally looking to the future and feel ready to start connecting with others who have similar circumstances.

That's basically my story in a few lines. So hello again and speak to you soon xx

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Welcome x

Hello, do you still get symptoms from the endometreosis or are you pain free,?.

I get the odd twinge and by 'odd' I mean maybe once every couple of months i'll have a little discomfort that I don't even take paracetamol for. It really has transformed me. I just wish I had been strong enough to make a noise 9 or 10 years earlier. x

Hello from another Scot (in Edinburgh) :)

Hello Sandrella. I was in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago for a wee bit shopping and a music event. x

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