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Confused/advice on next step!

Hi all, I've never written on here before and I'm just reaching out for some advice on what I should do next. I was told in sept 14 by my gynea doc that I had suspected endo due to all my symptoms, I was given the oral pill to try for 6 months and it didn't work I was in and out of hospital due to the pains I was still suffering with, so I then went on the 3monthly prostap injections, and finally I thought I was getting somewhere as i went on it for 6 months then was told to have a month off to see how my body reacted and I ended up being admitted into hospital twice in that month due to the pains, I saw my dr on the ward and he told me this was the answer he thought he'd get and it reassured and made his opinion clear that it was Endo so I stayed on prostap I've just had my 6th injection yesterday but I know I can't stay on it due to background of it! Whilst I was under my dr I also paid private to see a bsge dr to have a lap done to turn the 90% Endo diagnosis into 100% it was suspected that it was in pelvis - however I've been told nothing was found on the lap :( I'm gutted coz I thought I'd get closure and answers on this, I know it's weird saying I'm gutted, but i know my own body and I've been suffering for far too long now, and I have all the symptoms of Endo and my own gynea dr is still certain it's Endo due to the effects prostap has, so there saying it's been missed?!?! I Just don't know what to do next any advice would be appreciated! Sorry for the long essay X

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