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2 month follow up today!! Should I ask for referral??

I'm seeing my consultant today for my first appointment since my lap. So much has changed in 2 months, so will find out the extent of Endo found and exactly what is a 'sensitive bladder'!!

Started of great following lap, pain free periods, little to no pain... I felt like the ladies on the Tampax adverts!!

Since then I've taken 100 steps backwards! Very painful period which has started all the pains again, stabbing pains, cramping, back pain, back on all the pain killers and I am more tired now than ever!!

He is really nice guy, and although he is not BSGE, his background (I checked!) is heavy involvement in Endo research and works closely with the top dog at my local BSGE centre. From what he said it found and removed Endo when he did the lap.

At this point I'm not 'against' him, he took me serious from the word go. But with the returning pain should I ask to be referred now to BSGE centre??


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