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Endo/fertility options advice needed!

I would really appreciate some advice I feel very confused and don't know what to do!? I had a lap end of November and removal of endometrioma from my right ovary and endo from my uterus. I was discharged on the same day as my op . We have been TTC for 2yrs 9months now and I was hoping that after the lap I might have a shot (a better one?!) of conceiving but alas not so lucky instead the pain came back with the exhaustion etc. So gp sent me for a scan. Scan shows 2cm cyst in right ovary and left ovary and right ovary together with follicles on left ovary. Gp has suggested 3 options go back to bgce endo centre that discharged me but they will treat endo only not infertility apparently?! Option 2 referal to the infertility clinic at local hospital or option 3 go on the pill for 3 months straight to try and shrink endo and hopefully concieve after that? Does anyone have any experience of any of these options? It helps so much to read about your experiences xx

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Hi, I think if getting pregnant is your priority , then I would advise you to get a referral to an infertility clinic as soon as you can and get tested.have you had any fertility testing? There might be something that is stopping you from getting pregnant naturally and it might not make sense to keep trying. Also, It might take a while to get seen so you can see if taking the pill without breaks is a possibility while you wait for your fertility appointment ? X but to be honest in my experience endo can still progress while on the pill so that is not guarantee to help . I was given the options to keep trying or get referral after lap. I wanted to keep trying but at the end asked to be referred to fertility clinic straight after lap and have since discovered that cannot get pregnant naturally. Best of luck x


Thanks for sharing :) I have had regular blood tests to check I am ovulating which apparently I am but my cycles are becoming more irratic. I've never been keen on the pill and have had terrible experiences with it in the past so I'm wary of taking it for 3 months straight but I'm at the stage where I'll try anything x


Hi Shehulk! I had my lap the last week and the news were bad. Both tubes are blocked and the left one is damaged. So I need IVF. It was hard to accept the fact that I'm not able to conceive naturally at my age, but my hopes are refresh now. Yasterday I had my first interview with the fertility dr., she gave me hope, so I recommend you to go to a fertility clinic to get informed. Good luck!

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Thank you best of luck with the IVF X


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