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Endo good news

Hi ladies

I hope your all ok this is a post for all girls worrying about conception after a laparoscopy.

I was told due to the extent of my endo I had extremely low chances of conception it broke my heart I had a lap that lasted 6 hours in Dec and that was the info that was fed back to me, well you can imagine I was 25 and just told this I was angry I was upset I literally spoke to nobody as I wanted answers why me ect the pain I went through aswell after my lap I thought what's the point I hit depression lost my job pushed my parents away left my home town I was in a very dark place because the one thing I wanted was a child and well to my knowledge it was taken from me.

I basically wallowed in self pity for a bit but eventually got back into work moved into a flat with my partner half hour away from the town I grew up in just kept my head down, then one day I had to take myself hospital as I was screaming in pain with my womb again I thought my endo was coming back, the nurse told me I was experiencing implantation I had no idea what that was she then explained it's where my egg is travelling through to get to my womb and it was hurting me due to being an endo sufferer I didn't believe her so we done a pregnancy test big fat negative again I left the hospital sad and in a daze carried on with my day in pain. Anyway cut a long story short I had intense pain over my left ovary still 2 weeks on thought it was one of speradic periods gearing up but my friend suggested I do a test so again I though hey it'l be negative but I'll do one to shut everyone up.... There it was a positive!!!!!

I am now 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant and over the moon with my little roo I understand I'm still in the crucial stages for another 6 weeks ect but in my darkness I had a little light. And I hope for all the women that are in the same boat as I was this gives you a little hope

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Congratulations. It's so lovely to hear a positive story. I had a lap in April to remove endo and am back trying for a baby again this month, it took me a little long physically and mentally to get over the lap but I am so excited to be back trying this month and feeling really positive.

Best wishes to you for the remainder of your pregnancy xx


It took me some time to as I really struggled on all areas physically and emotionally, still don't believe I'm pregnant to be honest and thank you, best of luck with trying baby dust your way xx

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