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So fatigued it's debilitating

Hi, I've posted about this before but I'm struggling again. Currently waiting for a hysterectomy as I now have adenomyosis as well as endometriosis . I've had several bouts of night sweats recently and this on top of my usual fatigue and pain is just too much to bear. I'm not coping with work or even just normal every day tasks. I'm hoping to get a doctors appointment today. I'm taking the day of today to rest, but I'm starting to think I might need to get signed off for a week or so, but I don't get paid for sick days, so this is not a decision I can take lightly. Not sure what to do, I'm at my witts end


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Hi hunny I know how you feel, I had Adenomyosis and still endo, I'm still exhausted but nothing like before my hysterectomy,

Please make sure when you have your hysterectomy that a good endo specialist excises all your endo too, or like me you could find yourself still in pain and suffering symptoms of endo,

Are you under a bsge centre????

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I've had several periods of constant fatigue. I've started taking Wellwoman30. It won't be miracle cure but it may help.

And at least 9 hours of sleep, very little coffee and alcohol.

I've also started paying attention to the pain - different pain is helped by different painkillers.

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I'm the same - have a diagnosis of ME as well as the adeno, and suspected endo - got my first appointment at a BSGE centre soon.

I'm a single mam and have finally made it onto the property ladder but now I'm terrified to take time off and risk not meeting mortgage payments. I'm trying to put aside a little pot of money each month which I can dip into when the fatigue becomes so bad I have to take time off. I get statutory sick pay, which only kicks in after a few days, and then barely covers the weekly grocery bill.

There are no words to describe the level of exhaustion are there? I tend to hide away when I'm at my worst or even heading that way - not always by choice, of course and am starting to think it would be better to be more visibly ill to friends and loved ones. If they could see how just getting ready for work can have me in tears they might appreciate how difficult, if not impossible, it gets to function.

I don't have any answers but wanted to let you know you aren't alone.

Best wishes x

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Thank you. Xx


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