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went to see the gynaecologist on Wednesday he didn't listen to all my symptoms and just told me heavy bleeding and cramp are normal to take ibuprofen, he told me I didn't have pcos!! Have never had it even tho I was diagnosed 4 years ago!! I mentioned endometriosis he said I could have it but operation have risks and he isn't prepared to give me one and signed me off!!! Confused and lost and what to do help!!

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This makes me very sad to read. You must go back to your gp. You have a right to a second opinion ask for a referral to a BSGE accredited centre. Don't be fobbed off by your gp take the NICE guidelines for treatment of suspected Endo. Get educated on all things Endo, read Lindle post on treatment pathways. I did this two weeks ago, I went armed to my gynae appointment and got exactly what I asked for- a lap under a BSGE surgeon. You absolutely deserve this, but you may need to get tough xxx


thank you for your reply I have an appointment with my gp on Thursday. What is nice guidelines and where would I find them? Need lots of information to show the doctors.


NICE is the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. Have a look at Lindle posts on the treatment pathway which has all the links for the info you'll need. That's great you have an appointment to see your GP. Between now and then write a diary of your symptoms to show if they worsen/improve with your cycle.

Keep us posted and let us know how you get on x


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