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Meditation something i think that could help u all its done me wonders. X

Hi I've found something which I find that has really helped me with my pain. Especially my endo pain. Its doing meditating. At first when my pain psychologist told me about it I was a bit unsure how it would help. Once I started meditating it's helped me a lot not just with my pain but with other problems too. Its helped me feel better in myself and have more patience for other people. I have found an app on my phone that I find is amazing its called Insight Timer its a free app and has thousands of different types of meditating on it. Some of them can be five minutes long and some are longer it depends on what u feel u want to do. Its helped me loads and I thought it wld be a good thing to share with everyone on here. I hope everyone will give it a try they will be surprised with how helpful it is.

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