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Frustrated with lack of communication

Just need to vent to those who will understand.

I had my ureteral stent removed this morning and understood the plan to be a repeat renogram at the end of June. However, now I'm told I have to wait 3 months for the renogram by a different consultant. Why is there no communication in the NHS? I find it so frustrating that a plan of care is made and gets changed without discussion.

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I agree I see my consultant in Feb was told I'll need another laparoscopy to check if any endo was left, with in 3 month so take zolodez till then, then u ring up to see when op will be and told be another 3 months, but no one bothers to tell me what to do about zolodez, so I gave to do all the chasing and find out what to do, how hard would it be to email me to say carry on taking zolodez as can't get you in to surgery untill July August time, no communication with each other or us, arrrgggg


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