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Do i have endo???

Hi all, for years I've experienced painful periods but not unbearable. I have a spout of always bleeding after sex, reoccurring thrust the last year my periods have become alot heavier, painful to use tampons, pain after sex (from.certain positions) leg numbness, Dizzyness, headaches and worst of all constant pelvic pain to my right side. My hip also hurts like it feels painfully bruised. I've suffered from constipation just before and during my periods since i can remember. I've have internal scans, tried ibs tablets etc etc. One dr said its. Probably just a bad period even though this pain has been constant for 3.5months! I've been to a&e and everyone is stumped.. i looked online at my symptoms and saw this it is likely to be endo.. i suggested this to the Dr and they agreed to send a referral to the hospital to see a consultant. As the waiting list for this was 2 months i decided to pay private. The gyno was lovely and really helpful. Can definitely tell the difference paying privately!! He has suggested i have a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis. The nhs is a 6month waiting list and the private costs are quite expensive. I am really confused. I cant live like this constantly feeling so down and in pain so im tempted to take a loan to do private. My concern is what if they dont find endo and it just ends up being something like IBS. Do my symtoms reflect both or more of endo? The pain starts as soon as i wake to when i go to bed. It doesn't stop after my daily bowel movement or get any worse after eating. Plus the pains are more like constant period pain doesnt feel like its in my stomach etx.. help please!

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Hi, it definitely sounds like endo to me, but bear in mind just because you are thinking of going private you need to be seen at a bsge centre, general gyne often miss endo in certain locations nhs or private (most consultants work for both anyway) xxx


Thank u for your reply. He is a specialist in endometriosis and one of the top gyne in my area so hopefully he knows what he is doing :) seems like GP have no idea !


No GPS don't get a lot of information regarding endo it's a very small piece of the curriculum, have you checked he is on the bsge list of specialists? X

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