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16 and I dont know what to do

Hi, I am a 16 year old high school student. I had been suffering from extreme period pain since 12 years of age. all of the scans done came back normal however the pain persisted. Finally i have been allowed a laparoscopy and I hope they find something so i stop getting accused by my teachers of lying. Sorry to rant on, but i wanted to know whether anyone feels incredibly tired,moody and if anyone is suffering from hair loss because my hair is falling in clumps. Thank you so much.

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Hi hunny, sorry your suffering at such a young age, fingers crossed they will help you with the laparoscopy, your hair filling out could be a sign of stress and or hormones,

Tiredness/exhaustion is a symptom of endometreosis unfortunately, xx

Good luck


Hello there, I am so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time, particularly at your age. I had my first lap at 16 too. I know it can feel incredibly scary but a lap will hopefully give you the answers that you need. Good luck xxx


Only the lap will show if you have endo or not. So wrong that women don't get believed, we don't talk about periods and pain we need to !!. Really hope you get some answers. I have endo and feel tired, emotional and low at times. Take care xxx


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