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What one question would you ask a colorectal surgeon?

I meet the colorectal surgeon on 23rd, I have nodules in the rectal cavity that have torn and embedded into the muscle wall, I also have a nodule attached flat surface to flat surface with my right ovary attached to the other side of the rectum.

What one question would you ask?

It doesn't matter how trivial or obscure I just don't want to miss anything.

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Hi K

What excision method they anticipate using: shaving (shaving off the nodules), disc resection (cutting out the nodule and repairing the hole or full resection (cutting out the diseased section and rejoining. Also their complication rates as a percentage of complex cases undertaken (ie actual damage caused) and rates for a temporary colostomy bag which you would expect to be reversible. x

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if they ask for a colonoscopy I would ask if they could do a colonography instead. Having had both myself the colonography was by far the more comfortable procedure. I would be tempted to ask what kind of post op care you will receive, ie pain relief, length of admission, follow up appointment. If you're on any regular medication that you want to continue throughout your admission I would ask the consultant who should come and see you on the day of admission prior to your op to write up these on your drug chart otherwise you will not be able to take them during your stay until a doctor is available to write them up and that's just unnecessary grief for you.

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Hi, I've just had bowel surgery so thought I would give a list of things I asked/we discussed

What needs doing/how can he help/plan of action (with it being joint surgery)

Did I need a resection - disc or full

How long would I be in hospital/what's the recovery like

Risks/possible complications


Liklihood I would need a stoma - if I did what this would entail

Timescale for any surgery to be organised, mine took a few months to organise

Any prep needed for surgery/aftercare

Good luck :)

D x

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Thanks girls very much appreciated xx


all the best xx

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