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specialist time

My own gp's are proving to be useless time after time. My boyfriend has finally convinced me to see a specialist when we come back from holiday.

This back pain is constant, and my mri showed nothing, which I expected. Cramping all month, and lots of clotting during my period is getting too much to handle now.

Someone had mentioned Adeno to me, so now I'm even more confused 😢

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It could very well be endo but the only way to tell is a laparoscope ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist good luck xx


Im pretty much the same but think u should push for a lap no how u must feel as doctors are pretty much useless and most of them are good at fobbing u off don't give up and push and say to your doctor that your not leaving until u are refered to a specialist that worked for me after 14 months of nagging them xx


Adeno can hide in ultrasounds, MRIs, hystoscopies and laparoscopies which is why in many ways I think it's the last thing to be found after everything else has been investigated.

The key is finding a specialist who treats you like a human and listens to your symptoms not just making decisions based on scientific reports. My specialist is absolutely fantastic.

I've joined a couple of Adenomyosis support groups on Facebook that have been brilliant, as you can freely discuss specialists by name on there and the more you chat about your symptoms the more confident you will be.

I'd suggest joining the uk support one and the worldwide ones (as there are quite a lot of uk members) and ask for advice and opinions on specialists in your area in particular those who's tests showed no Adeno.

Most of the ladies in those groups have had to get past inconclusive test results too :-)



You have to push for a doctor to listen to you, i went every time i was in pain , i think they got sick of seeing me so sent me to a specialist.


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